Freezer Repair

Freezer Maintenance

If your freezer isn't freezing or leaving your frozen foods in a leaky mess of puddles do not fret as it doesn't necessarily mean it's time for a replacement.

Here at FFT Appliance Repair Company, we work with all brands and models, old and new in order to ensure that our knowledge and skillset are up to date. It may seem like the end of the world right now but we guarantee by the end of our visit your problem will be gone in record time.

When to Call a Repair Company?

Freezer not starting

Sometimes it's not even the freezer that is causing the issue. Having a blown socket or an electrical source that doesn't supply enough power is usually the main culprit of a freezer that doesn't work.

When it's a problem with the outlet then it's a job for an electrician. However, if that doesn't solve the problem then the compressor, cold control thermostat, electronic control board, or defrost timer could be causing your woes.

We'll be able to tell you which one it is to save a useless trip from either us or an electrician.

Frost buildup

A ripped gasket, a frozen freezer drain tube, or the freezer door has been left open too long or too often are some of the most common reasons why freezers will have an excessive buildup of frost.

If the drain tube gets frozen, then moisture will not be able to escape the interior, leading to frost. Anything that allows warm air to get in will lead to frost accumulation.

Freezer not freezing

Your freezer should always remain at 0 degrees Fahrenheit in order to maintain frozen foods at the proper temperature to avoid bacterial growth.

First, ensure that the dial isn't moved accidentally to the wrong temperature. Also, check your freezers thermometer to see if it's broken and giving a proper reading. In the case that it isn't then a replacement is your next step.

Freezer freezing too much

If your freezer gets too cold then it could lead to excessive frost build-up or your foods being encased in ice which will ruin the quality when cooking. Your defrost heater could be broken, however, if your freezer is blisteringly cold but your fridge is only warm.

A malfunctioning damper control assembly or a wonky evaporator fan motor could be a cause for the excessive cold as well. But we'll test your defrost system to see what exactly is causing the problems.

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No matter how well you maintain your freezer, there is still a chance it will not work correctly at some point. It's something our customers go through but there's a reason they keep coming to us and not our competitors.

We offer some of the best rates as well as top of the line customer service to ensure we leave happy with a job well done and value provided. Give us a call today.